Friday, January 21, 2011

I was happy to see all the energy and caring that went into the cleanup project over at the bridge. The young folks are the ones who will change the way things are into what they should be. People who do not accept that neglect and invisibility is where families belong can change things and make them better.
Such a shame to see people living in those conditions but that is the reality of their present life circumstances Andre, I and those wonderful young people know that the future is in the hands of youth and in the hands of folks of good heart like those good people who showed up and generously joined in the spirit of help and hope.
Despair drags people down and robs them of motivation to try and do better. Drugs, alcohol, and inability to deal with so many problems on a constant basis continue the slide. What does a person do to rise up from that situation? They need help, and they need hope. We all saw the hypodermic syringe that was down there. That’s a sign of despair and loss of hope, and especially abandoning hope to face destruction and death.
All the good people who showed up and helped clean that place send a message that someone actually cares, that someone is willing to do what is necessary regardless of what others may do or not do. So seeing the action by the good people who were there was an uplifting thing.
Many thanks to all

-The inspiring words from Leonard Frederick.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

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