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"Return To The Womb" -NECKFACE

Neckface will be opening up his latest exhibition today at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Entitled Return To The Womb, the showcase looks to present the California-based artist’s usual brand of horror-infused works to his European fan base. V1 had this to say about their exhibiting artist:

Entering Neckface’s universe is like entering a horror chamber. At first glance his exhibition resembles a teenage room. Nostalgia and smiles quickly appear. But at second thought the warm memories and daft grin soon feels wrong. Because the deadly noose clinging to Neckface’s scrawny beings, and the blood that gushes from the chopped off limbs are not only figments of the imagination. These are images that have followed humanity since we first set our sights on this planet. From the inquisitions and witch hunts of the medieval times over the Judas Cradle and Iron Maidens to the world wars in the twentieth century and the prison camps of the twenty-first century in which human cries are lost in a geographic void that literally exists outside laws and regulations.

V1 Gallery
Flaesketorvet 69-71
1711 Copenhagen V

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Black Or White - Michael Jackson

-This used to be one of my favorite songs growing up. Remember the first time i heard it I was in Washington, D.C.

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Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

"Fathers, like mothers, are not born.
Men grow into fathers-
and fathering is
a very important stage in their development."

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The most important aspect of freedom of speech is freedom to learn. All education is a continuous dialogue -- questions and answers that pursue every problem on the horizon. That is the essence of academic freedom.
Congratulations To All Graduates of 2009 =)

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Keylee's New Pet Turtle "DARFUR"

As I'm sure most commonly asked question would be why'd I name the turtle "DARFUR"?

-DARFUR=The War in Darfur refers to the civil war taking place in Darfur, Sudan. Unlike the Second Sudanese Civil War, this is believed to be an ethnic, rather than a religious war. The conflict began in February 2003. There are various estimates on the number of human casualties. One side of the armed conflicts is composed mainly of the Sudanese military and the Janjaweed, a Sudanese militia group recruited mostly from the Afro-Arab Abbala tribes of the northern Rizeigat region in Sudan. These tribes are mainly camel-herding nomads. The other side is composed of rebel groups, notably the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army and the Justice and Equality Movement, recruited primarily from the non-Arab Fur, Zaghawa, and Masalit ethnic groups. The Sudanese government, while publicly denying that it supports the Janjaweed, is accused of providing financial assistance to the militia, and of participating in joint attacks targeting civilians.

On 31 August 2006, the United Nations Security Council approved Resolution 1706 which called for a new 26,000-troop UN peacekeeping force called UNAMID to supplant or supplement a poorly funded and ill-equipped 7,000-troop African Union Mission in Sudan peacekeeping force. Sudan strongly objected to the resolution and said that it would see the UN forces in the region as foreign invaders. The following day, the Sudanese military launched a major offensive in the region.

In March 2007 the UN mission accused Sudan's government of orchestrating and taking part in "gross violations" in Darfur and called for urgent international action to protect civilians there.
On 14 July 2008, prosecutors at the
International Criminal Court (ICC), filed ten charges of war crimes against Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, charges that included three counts of genocide, five of crimes against humanity, and two of murder. The ICC's prosecutors have claimed that al-Bashir "masterminded and implemented a plan to destroy in substantial part" three tribal groups in Darfur because of their ethnicity.In February 2009, Darfur's UNAMID tried to persuade the rebel group Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)and the Sudanese government to sign a peace agreement.
In March 4, 2009 the ICC issued an arrest warrant for president al-Bashir, without the genocide charges.