Saturday, May 30, 2009

June 12th....Be ready

Pharrell Williams Talks "Street Dreams" from nation on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mugg'N Bandits!

Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being a father means:
Feeling of new found appreciation for the gift of life.
Aspiring to be the man that my daughter deserves.
Taking on the responsibility for shaping and developing a life
which arrives with limitless potential.

Experiencing the world through a new set of eyes, appreciating
the daily wonders that often go unnoticed.
Receiving and sharing love unconditionally.

-Keylee Jazel-

Monday, May 18, 2009

lago de perris

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Planning Keylee's First Birthday.

My greatest fears of being a father came to realization on May 9, 2008, the day Keylee Jazel Ball was born. I was probably more scared then her and I was already here for 18years. Isn't that ironic? My feelings quickly changed when she grabbed my finger and looked at me, as if "EVERYTHING" was OK. She would give me this look like -Dad, I am here now and where do we go from here? The rest came naturally. Men are made to be protectors of our children. When we step away from that, we are acting contrary to our nature and are taking a first-class ticket to our own self-destruction. Me personally I love fatherhood and wouldn't go back in time for anything, it just fits me like a pair of new kicks :-)

My daughter taught me everything I know about being a father. I learned from her that no matter what is in your past, your children are right here in your present moment, looking up at you, calling you "DADDY" needing you and you needing them.

The key to being a successful dad is a balanced mind, body, and soul. The demands will knock the strongest, richest, most handsome cat off his feet. My daughter expresses total loyalty to my heart, keeps it warm . . .and breaks it at the same time (Laughing Out Loud).

My daughter Keylee & I bond like no other father and daughter I've seen thus far, we're like magnets attracted by one heart, sometimes we sit up all night watching movies, laughing, cuddling, even staring each other to sleep. She is the limelight of L I F E. Shocked, that on this very day last year my beautiful daughter was just being born. Now she has become so alert over this year which will eventually become a drastic change for me but I'm pretty sure i will adapt.

In conclusion to this all it is now 12:00AM May 9, 2009 and my daughter is officially 1 years old, I'm sitting here reminiscing over all the good times we've had. She is laying here next to me while I'm typing this blog for her, "HOW MANY FATHERS ACTUALLY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAY SO????? ". I've been here since day one and I'm never going anywhere we are stuck with each other with the life sentence, she is my best friend, as well as my beautiful daughter, she is someone who looks up too me for any and everything possible and that will never STOP!


-Goodnight World until we shall meet tomorrow to celebrate such a wonderful birthday-